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In the plain, about 1km south of the so-called “Nandin temple”, one can visit the remains of the Nang Sida temple (beginning of the XIIth century) and further on, but not easily accessible, the Thao-Tao temple (beginning of the XIIIth century, Jayavarman VII) :

Hong Nang Sida

Placed meadows of the temple of Vat Phu, at approximately half an hour of walking in the direction of the South, the meadows of the Ancient Khmer Road, is this largely collapsed Prasat.

The temple consisted of a hallway, prolonged by a tower sanctuary, built at the beginning of the XIIth century, at the same time that Angkor Vat.

Temple of Thao Tao

This sanctuary of modest dimensions, consists of a central tower and an annex, in a court surrounded by an outer wall. A detached house of entrance gives access to this court, in the center of its East side. A small pond, nowadays filled, was outside, near the NorthEast angle of the surrounding wall. This arrangement is characteristic of chapels of hospital built in the XIIIth century in all the Khmer empire.

The sanctuary, in stoneware and laterite, is largely ruined, and the hospital had to be nearby, in wooden buildings, of which there is no track.

Temple of Tomo

Finally, on the other side of the Mekong River, on the banks of the Tomo river, are the remains of another temple from the same period, Tomo (also called Oubmong). It also contains pre-Angkorian sculptures, in particular a beautiful Mukhalinga (a human-headed linga now located at the Vat Phou Museum).

In the middle of numerous high trees species, the forest atmosphere give to this area a fragrance of wild and serenity.





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