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National framework

The national legal framework for heritage preservation is provided by the law concerning National Heritage, adopted in 2005 and revised in 2014.

Management is undertaken in accordance with the Champasak Heritage Management Plan that was officially adopted by the Government in September 1998. The Plan defines the boundaries of the Protection Zone and the three Preservation Areas.

It contains regulations for the management of the World Heritage Site to cover archaeological work, conservation and development control. 

In addition, action plans to identify priority management measures are developed every five years. The last review of the action plan has been apporved in 2014.

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Champasak Tourist Map 2024

Champasak Tourist Map 2024 is now available

8 Thematic Trails

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Lao-India Cooperation project, Tender for Supply of electronic and computer appliances

Map Vat Phou and Around - Pierre Pichard - EFEO - 1992

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